November 21, 2017 at 9:46 am

NBA DFS Recap | Monday 11/20 | FanDuel

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2 thoughts on “NBA DFS Recap | Monday 11/20 | FanDuel

  1. Willie says:

    Hey Josh, how are you? Just started listening to you in you tube love the show. Do you do any optimization for DK? I notice at the end of the video you show all Fan Duel Opts.

    1. Thanks for watching! I normally stick to FanDuel, but I try to mention specifics for DraftKings when applicable. More often than not, my thoughts are consistent across both sites. I try to mention when there are additional plays on DK because of salary differences. I also take DK questions during my live stream before lock. It would be impossible for me to manage both before lock, though.

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