November 3, 2016 at 12:26 pm

NBA DFS Projections

From now on, my projections will be posted in the following Google Sheets link.

If you have any questions/suggestion, please shoot me an email or hit me up on Twitter.

Daily Fantasy NBA Projections on Google Sheets

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4 thoughts on “NBA DFS Projections

  1. imo mi says:

    Do you have plans on making a video on how to make projections? I mean a step by step tutorial and point out areas that can be personalized. I think it would gain massive amount of DFS viewers. Your Nov 07, 2016 projections have 8 out 9 players in the winning NBA 400k hotshot lineup by the way..

    1. JoshEngleman says:

      Honestly, I haven’t thought about that at all, but it’s certainly something to explore in the future. Hopefully you had those 8 guys in the Hotshot last night. 🙂

  2. coach 232 says:

    I was just put up on your resource. this is dope bruh!

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