November 20, 2017 at 12:25 pm

NBA DFS Projections & Strategy | Monday 11/20 | FanDuel & DraftKings

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4 thoughts on “NBA DFS Projections & Strategy | Monday 11/20 | FanDuel & DraftKings

  1. coach 232 says:

    great pod bro, I am trying to bulid an excel model where is a good place to download proj. and do you update your model daily?

    1. JoshEngleman says:

      To download projections? I think my Google sheet is a great place to start. I grab all of my raw stats from Basketball Reference, if that’s what you meant . I update my database every morning, so there are incremental changes every day.

  2. coach 232 says:

    ok, I have your google sheet. I like the one you used in the pod this morning. I am not new at DFS, but my process is all over the place to the point I have not had much success. I had to leave GPP’s alone due to the fact that my BR dwindled quickly. I am transitioning to cash games.

    1. JoshEngleman says:

      The projections in the Google sheet are the same as the projections in my Excel sheet. I just use Excel locally because it’s easier for me. The only thing you’ll see that is different in my Excel sheet are the increased reliance on Pivot tables.

      I try to play like 85/15 cash to GPP. I was never able to find success playing multiple lineups in GPPs, so I moved to just one lineup, mostly in cash. Makes me a feel way more comfortable.

      My main suggestions is to make sure you go back each day and evaluate your choices. Go look at some of the lineups that are in big 50/50s and double ups. Check out the ownership %s in those contests to see if you made any mistakes. Evaluating the past has helped me tremendously.

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