Pace: This is my personal pace estimation for the game.

Vegas: This is the implied points scored based on the “Vegas” line. I use “Vegas” as a visual reference, but I use the line from Pinnacle.com.

Minutes: My prediction of minutes played for today.

USG: Predicted usage rate for today.

Fpts: Total fantasy points projected for today.

FD/$1K: Projected fantasy points per $1000 of salary.

Pref: Another metric to show value. Similar to FD/$1K. Formula is [(Fpts ^ sqrt(3)) / Salary] * 100.

Tier: My attempt at putting players into buckets based on my personal opinion. Tier 0 means I’m likely not using the player. Tier 1 is the best.

Last Update: Thursday, January 18 – 7:20 AM

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If you are interested in having a workbook similar to the one I use in my videos, I would recommend downloading the following Excel sheet. I will be slowly adding additional features in the future. For now, it is simply a pivot table for each site. You will need to Enable Macros when opening the file.

v1.1 (2017-01-04): Added a tab for NBAWOWY.com comparisons.
v1.2 (2017-01-14): Fixed column order. Added tiers.

JoshEngleman.com Fantasy Workbook v1.2